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Rumor: Nintendo to hold another event soon

Nintendo took their fans on a wild ride last week ahead of the surprise Nintendo Direct and it looks like round two has already come. A new rumor suggests that Nintendo has something up their sleeve.

According to two insiders, one on ResetEra and another on Twitter, Nintendo is planning some kind of announcement.

The initial rumor, found on ResetEra, details that there is “another Nintendo Direct” happening later this week, on January, 18th. This ‘Direct’ will not contain details on the new Fire Emblem and will be followed by another Direct in February.

On Twitter, the rumor was clarified to be “something,”  but not exactly a Direct.

Nintendo has not confirmed an upcoming event. Their last Nintendo Direct, a Nintendo Direct Mini, took place last week. The event brought updates on previously announced games, announcements of DLC, and the reveal of Dark Souls Remastered. There was no mention of 1080 TenEighty despite the trademark being renewed by Nintendo recently.

Prior to the Nintendo Direct Mini taking place, a ton of rumors on the event surfaced suggesting a number of announcements. There’s a chance that the rumored games that didn’t make it to last week’s event will make it to this one.

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